Brazilian rapist finally arrested, to be deported after being released into US in 2021 with pending asylum court date

Feb 2, 2024 | Political News

A Brazilian fugitive, who was wanted in his home country for rape, has been arrested and has a pending deportation after he was released into the interior of the US in 2021 with a pending asylum court date.  

Thalles Mendes Ribeiro was apprehended on June, 10, 2021, when he entered the United States near San Ysidro, California. After being processed and charged with inadmissibility, he was transferred to Enforcement and Removal Operations (EROI) San Diego's custody.  

Mendes was released with a court date on June 13, 2021, through the Alternatives to Detention program and was told to report to ERO Newark. The court date was set for Feb. 24, 2023.  

After he did not show up to the court, a judge ordered that he be removed from the US.  

Nearly 10 months later, on Dec. 4, 2023, Medes was apprehended in Eatontown, New Jersey.  

He is being held in Moshannon Valley Processing Center in Philipsburg pending his final removal to the country of Brazil.  

This case and others have been stark examples of the danger that comes with illegal immigration in the country. Since the beginning of fiscal year 2024, fifty individuals on the terrorist watch list have been appended while attempting to cross the border.  

In another case, a Haitian illegal immigrant that was charged with rape of a disabled person was released by Boston authorities before being apprehended once again.  

In December, the level of illegal immigrant encounters at the border hit a record of over 300,000 and intelligence officials have warned congressional leaders of the “imminent danger” that has come with open border policies from the Biden administration.