#BOOTGATE: Vivek admits he thought DeSantis was mysteriously taller on debate stage than when they previously met in person

Oct 31, 2023 | Political News

After speculation that Ron DeSantis has been wearing boots with added height inside them went viral, fellow 2024 GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy told Charlie Kirk on Tuesday that Florida Governor DeSantis appeared taller on the debate stage than when they had previously met in person.

Kirk played the clip of Patrick Bet David confronting DeSantis over a viral clip of the Florida Republican on Bill Maher’s show, asking Ramaswamy, “Have you noticed something recently?”

Ramaswamy politely and reluctantly admitted that “I thought he grew a little bit since I’d seen him a couple of years ago, but I leave each person to make their own sartorial choices to themselves.”

A TikTok from account Spamellina showed DeSantis in the chair on Bill Maher's show while text read “Tell me he's not wearing hidden heels,” and tracing out where his foot could be in the cowboy boots.

Ashley St. Clair joked about the viral clip, donning a pair of stiletto heels, saying that these are akin to what DeSantis wears when he is “getting ready to go out.” After backlash from the campaign, St. Clair made an apology video, noting that the campaign told her the governor did not wear stilettos, but cowboy boots. So she revised the original “pov” video and instead pulled on a pair of stack-heeled cowboy boots.

“I'm sure your marketing team points out how they're trying to troll you in the marketplace,” Bet David told Desantis, bringing up the TikTok video for viewing. The video had over 1.2 million likes at the time of Bet David's podcast. DeSantis claimed he never saw the clip.

“What they are trying to say with this is,” Bet David said, “that in your boots you have heels.”

“No, no,” DeSantis said, “those are just standard off-the-rack Lucchese boots.”

Bet David offered DeSantis, who said he is 5'11”, a pair of Ferragamos shoes, but the presidential candidate declined it, saying “I don't accept gifts, I can't accept it, sorry.”

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