‘Boardwalk Empire’ actor Michael Stuhlbarg assaulted in NYC by homeless man near Central Park

Apr 1, 2024 | Political News

Actor Michael Stuhlbarg, who is known for his role in HBO’s drama series “Boardwalk Empire,” became the victim of a random attack by a homeless man near Central Park on Sunday night. The incident occurred on the Upper East Side of New York City.

Stuhlbarg, aged 55, was walking when he was targeted by 27-year-old Xavier Israel, who struck him in the back of the neck with a rock, causing an abrasion. Following the assault, Stuhlbarg chased after Israel who was apprehended by police officers stationed outside the Russian Consulate. Israel was arrested without incident, and a witness later informed police that she had seen Israel throw a rock into a crowd and ultimately hit Stuhlbarg.

According to the New York Post, Israel has a history of prior arrests for assaults and robbery, including incidents captured on surveillance footage in 2022 where he assaulted and robbed a man who had offered him his coat on a cold day. In the same week as this incident, Israel beat a 49-year-old woman who tried to help him. Israel was previously arrested and released on a desk appearance ticket.

The homeless man is also accused of randomly punching multiple 18-year-olds inside Central Park, per the Post.

This incident adds to the growing concerns over street violence in New York City, particularly involving homeless individuals. The recent case involving Jordan Neely, a violent homeless man causing a disturbance on a subway, further highlights the issue. Neely's behavior prompted Daniel Penny, a former Marine, to intervene and subdue him with the help of another passenger. However, Neely ultimately died, and now Penny is facing charges for his attempt to protect fellow subway passengers from the homeless man's threat.