Blount County ‘Family Friendly’ Pride Festival With Activities For Children: “I Cannot Believe This Is Happening Here.”

Aug 3, 2022 | Political News

Last Saturday, July 30th, Blount Pride hosted a Pride Festival at the Jack Greene Park in Maryville, Tennessee that featured a Rainbow and Drag Queen story time for children, followed later by “educational and connection-building activities” led by a local high school teacher, according to Ari Baker who is on the Blount Pride steering committee.

The event was touted as a “big ol’ party” and “family friendly” with activities for children and teens all day long.

Among other “child friendly” activities, attendees can make “encouragement cards” for the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) clubs at local high schools in Blount County.

Several parents with their children gathered for the Rainbow and Drag Queen story time portion of the event.