Bloomberg Complains That Big Tech Companies Are Shunning Their “Arbiter” of Truth Role

Jan 24, 2024 | Political News

As all physical roads lead to Rome – so all political and media ones truly lead to the US presidential election. And over the past eight years, the stakes have been getting ever higher.

Some cynics will say for no other reason than the shocking 2016 Trump victory which left the establishment reeling and disoriented, then in feverish search of a “culprit,” openly challenging election integrity – seemingly culminating with the “Russian interference” conspiracy theory.

But over the years, relentless censorship of all manner of “legal but dissenting,” let’s put it that way, opinions on social networks have also become the new normal.

It’s a fairly safe bet that even back in 2016 a corporate legacy media like Bloomberg would have trouble advocating for social sites – susceptible to all kinds of political pressure – as “arbiters (of speech).”