Bill Maher Blasts Democrats For Pushing Woke Ideology In The Classroom

Jan 24, 2023 | Political News

HBO host Bill Maher, a self-described liberal, called out Democrats for pushing woke, LGBTQ+ ideology in the classroom.

“We live in a prison yard in this country in which everything is tribal. Anything to do with schools or education is something really the Democrats have to answer for because they control it. I mean if you look at the Democratic Convention like three-quarters of them are teachers,” Maher said. “I'm a big defender of teachers but what is going on in schools is outrageous and somebody needs to answer for it.”

As previously reported by the DC Enquirer, this isn't the first time Bill Maher has taken aim at institutions pushing the LGBTQ+ agenda and a woke ideology. Just last week Maher blasted medical schools for encouraging children to take puberty blockers.

One of Maher's guests, Andrew Sullivan, stated that the Biden administration “will not say a word against it, even though plenty of other countries in Europe are establishing — clearly, the media — The New York Times, even, The Washington Post, have begun to consider maybe there’s problems with these puberty blockers and these early interventions and maybe we shouldn’t intervene so early.”

“And the Biden administration is, no enemies whatsoever to the left ever. We will never say anything but this is essential and obvious, and we should trans students as soon as possible,” Sullivan explained. “And it’s just — I don’t even think Biden is that behind this, but he’s certainly controlled by people who are.”


The indoctrination of America's children is occurring throughout the country as teachers and education administrators push woke, divisive ideology on students.

Just this week, a California school district administrator, Samia Shoman, argued that she wants to rid the curriculum of “privileged white voices” in her school district.

“We urge the [state board of education] not to give in to the pressures and influences of political lobbyists, racist & privileged white voices, and individuals,” she wrote in an email to the California Superintendent Tony Thurmond.

With this week being “School Choice Week” it is becoming increasingly important for parents to be active in their child's education and support politicians who are willing to root out this bigoted ideology that has infected the public school system. School choice is one such policy and states across the country have implemented it to the advantage of students and parents. In order to stop the further infusion of leftist ideology into the classroom, there needs to be a systemic shift in how America runs its schools.

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