Bigots Attack Johnson

Nov 1, 2023 | Political News

Dear Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot,

Well, the hate-mongers are at it again.

This time, attacking newly elected House Speaker Mike Johnson because – brace yourself –

He is a Christian!

That’s right, Jen Psaki, Bill Maher, the Daily Beast, and a whole host of other bigots (like the demon-possessed man from the tombs, they are legion), have decided to stir up religious hatred –

Even as we all witness what such hate-filled bigotry reaps in war-torn Israel. 

Clearly they are shameless.

But, they are not soulless.

So the only appropriate Call to Action for us as Constitutional Rights PAC Patriots is to pray for their forgiveness from God…

And our protection from them.

The video embedded above is Kayleigh McEneny’s excellent interview with Speaker Johnson.

Thank you for your continued support for Constitutional Rights PAC as we continue to “fight the good fight” in defense of freedom. 

We deeply appreciate it.