Biden’s Press Secretary Makes Ridiculous Comment About Ron DeSantis: Mayor of Miami Fires Back

Jan 17, 2023 | Political News

Biden Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, attacked Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) over the issue of immigration during a press conference last week, calling his efforts to protect Florida a “political stunt.”

“We’ve seen Governor DeSantis do political stunts, that is how he perceives to fix this issue from Florida,” she accused. “He’s not dealing with a problem, he’s creating a problems.”

Jean-Pierre continued to attack DeSantis by claiming he’s using ‘refugees’ as political ‘pawns.’ in Florida. “We’re talking about people who are coming from countries who are dealing with political strife, who are dealing with issues where they’re — they’re trying to find asylum, and he treats them like pawns.”

The Mayor of Miami Florida, Francis Saurez, joined Fox News last week to discuss immigration and Governor DeSantis's response to the issue. Suarez disagreed with Jean Pierre’s take on the issue and defended the popular governor’s policies.

When asked if Jean-Pierre’s comments were accurate, Saurez responded, “No it’s never fair when the federal government asks a state or local municipality to help them with a crisis that's been created in large part as a result of the failure of their policies.”


“To then turn around and criticize them for the very help that they’re giving them,” the mayor explained. “I can tell you that just this week, we had a boat of one hundred Haitians land on our shores in one of our big parks in Virginia Key, and of course our police department, our fire department was there to render aid in assistance to the federal government in their role as border patrol agents.”

“So it makes no sense to ask for help and then criticize the very agencies that are trying to help,” Suarez continued.

Many questions about why the federal government needs help have been raised with Saurez explaining that “The administration has sent a message to a lot of Latin American countries like Cuba and Venezuela that they’re not going to help. When you look at the Cuba situation after the July 11th protest, the administration promised to help the Cuban people – they didn’t deliver on any of those promises.”

“People are throwing themselves into the seas in the case of Cuba and in the case of Haiti and essentially creating out of Miami and Florida a border city and a border state.” Regardless of the Biden administration’s ridiculous criticism of Florida, DeSantis is continuing to lead the state through the border crisis.

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