Bidenomics Is a Failure

Jul 20, 2023 | True Patriot News Daily

A top conservative group is launching a national campaign to declare that Bidenomics is broken. The group, the Club for Growth, is arguing that the Biden administration's policies have led to rising inflation, a declining stock market, and a loss of jobs.

The Club for Growth's campaign is based on a new report that the group released on Wednesday. The report, titled “Bidenomics is Broken,” argues that the Biden administration's policies have “failed to deliver on their promises.”

The report cites a number of factors that it says are evidence of Bidenomics' failure. These include:

  • The highest inflation rate in 40 years
  • A stock market that has lost more than $10 trillion in value since Biden took office
  • A decline in the number of jobs
  • A rise in the number of people who are struggling to afford basic necessities

The Club for Growth's campaign is targeting swing voters in key states. The group is running ads on television and digital platforms that highlight the Biden administration's failures.

The group is also organizing grassroots events in swing states. These events will feature conservative speakers who will argue that Bidenomics is hurting the American people.

The Club for Growth's campaign is the latest sign that Republicans are gearing up to attack Biden's economic record in the run-up to the 2022 midterm elections. Republicans believe that Bidenomics is a liability for Democrats and that they can use it to win back control of Congress.

The Biden administration has defended its economic record, arguing that the economy is on the right track. However, the administration has also acknowledged that inflation is a problem.

It remains to be seen whether the Club for Growth's campaign will be successful. However, the campaign is a sign that Republicans are serious about attacking Biden's economic record.

To learn more about “Bidenomics” read this article from Fox News. An excerpt of the article has been copied below: 

Americans for Prosperity (AFP), the deep-pocketed and influential fiscally conservative and libertarian political advocacy group, is launching a major grassroots and paid advertising campaign this summer to spotlight what it charges is the negative impact of President Biden’s economic policies on communities across the country.

AFP on Thursday unveiled their “Bidenomics is Broken” campaign, with an announcement shared first with Fox News. The group says they’ll be hosting more than 500 events across the country, including Bidenomics BBQs in states where the president is showcasing his economic agenda.

The campaign includes new digital spots – backed by a six-figure ad buy in all 50 states – that spell out why voters think Bidenomics is nothing to brag about. The videos argue that the president’s economic policies are making life unaffordable.