Biden Wants You To Foot The Bill: State Department Wants Americans To Help Resettle 125,000 Migrants

Jan 20, 2023 | Political News

The Biden administration's State Department will be launching a program this year to settle 125,000 migrants into the U.S. in an initiative called “Welcome Corps.”

The program relies on private individuals, either American citizens or green card holders, to sponsor migrants who want to come to the country. In the first year alone, the State Department is looking to “mobilize at least 10,000 Americans to step forward as private sponsors and offer a welcoming hand to at least 5,000 refugees.”

“The Welcome Corps is the boldest innovation that we have undertaken in our approach to refugee resettlement in over four decades,” State Department officials said on Thursday. “Through the Welcome Corps, Americans will form private sponsor groups to support refugees and help them integrate into American society as thriving members of their local communities.”

According to the senior officials who announced Welcome Corps, President Biden wants to see the number of refugees in the program reach 125,000 a year: “The plan is that these – that this initiative – private sponsorship and the refugees who are resettled through this program will contribute to the overall goal that the – the target that the President has set for us of 125,000 refugees admitted per year.”

Under the Trump administration, the cap for migrants was set at 15,000 meaning that there will be a 733 percent increase under Biden, as reported by Breitbart.


Americans who choose to sponsor migrants in the program are required to raise thousands of dollars for their first three months, however, such funds do not go to the migrants as cash but instead as deposits.

“The sponsors need to raise the initial amount of $2,275 per refugee in order to provide the initial support for the refugees during their first three months in the country, and that money does not go as direct cash support to the refugees,” State explained. “Instead, those funds are used to do things like provide security deposits for an apartment or buy winter clothing or furniture, provide the resources that the refugees need during those first three months.”

In the summer of this year, the State Department said it wants to create a system where the resettlement program allows American citizens or green card holders to pick and choose who'd they like to sponsor. This, according to Breitbart, could create a “quasi-chain migration effort.”

Chain migration has allowed migrants to bring in an unlimited number of relatives into the country on green cards with over 70 percent of migrants arriving in the United States via that process.

As the president continues to showcase that the issue of illegal migration into the country is his lowest priority, he continues to welcome both illegal and legal migrants with programs such as these, all while relying upon everyday Americans to foot the bill. 

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