Biden Visits the Border: Too Little Too Late?

Jan 10, 2023 | True Patriot News Daily

After two years of neglect and dereliction of duty, President Biden finally made his way to the Southern border last weekend.

Under Biden's lack of leadership, the border crisis has soared to levels our nation has never seen. According to an article in the Free Beacon, “Four million immigrants have attempted to illegally cross into the United States since the beginning of 2021, federal data show.”

Thanks to Biden's policies, the US is facing a fentanyl epidemic, and record levels of crime perpetrated by illegal immigrants. Drug and human trafficking cartels are practically being invited to our once-safe neighborhoods.

So what was Biden's visit all about? Is he finally ready to admit his mistakes and work to fix them? Far from it.

In December, the Democratic Mayor of El Paso used a state of emergency to clear out the city's many immigration encampents just in time for the Presidential visit. Biden was shielded from just how bad things are. 

Regardless of how many pictures Biden took next to a wall he campaigned against, the American people know better than to trust him. Posing at the border two years into an administration is too little too late.