Biden Refuses to Designate Cartels As Terrorist Organizations Following Kidnapping, Watch What Trump Has to Say

Mar 10, 2023 | Featured, Political News

On Wednesday, the administration of President Joseph Biden, in direct defiance of assurances given to the American people during the term of his predecessor former President Donald J. Trump announced that it has ruled out designating Mexican drug cartels as foreign terrorist organizations.

The move from Biden comes as an unwelcome departure from prior U.S. policy following the kidnapping of four American citizens and subsequent murder of two of them near the U.S.-Mexico border in early March, as reported by Reuters.

In a White House briefing, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters,

“Designating these cartels as [foreign terrorist organizations] would not grant us any additional authorities that we don’t really have at this time. The United States has powerful sanctions authorities specifically designated to combat narcotics trafficking organizations and the individuals and entities that enable them. So, we have not been afraid to use them.”

According to The Epoch Times, Jean-Pierre assured the media that the White House is in contact with the families of the American citizens who were kidnapped and murdered in Mexico in the tragic and preventable incident that has drawn a response from both Mexican law enforcement and the FBI.

“We will do everything in our power to identify, find, and hold accountable the individuals responsible for this attack, and we continue to work in coordination with the Mexican government,” she said.

In contrast, as recently as January, former President Donald Trump promised supporters to declare war upon the cartels utilizing U.S. Special Forces to “inflict maximum damage on cartel leadership, infrastructure, and operations,… designate the major cartels as foreign terrorist organizations,” as well as severing “their access to global financial systems.”


Trump accused Biden of aligning himself with the cartels against the American people. “The drug cartels and their allies in the Biden administration have the blood of countless millions on their hands,” he told supporters.

The recent decision by the Biden administration ruling out the declaration of the Mexican drug cartels as Foreign Terrorist Organizations or FTOs would appear to confirm Trump's assertion that Biden's policy goals are aligned with the cartels and not the American people.

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