Biden Pulls Back On Pledge To Codify Roe V Wade

Nov 15, 2022 | Political News

(The Center Square) – President Joe Biden raised eyebrows Monday telling reporters that he expects no progress on the abortion issue in the second half of his term.

“I don’t think they can expect much of anything other than we’re going to maintain our positions,” Biden said when asked by a reporter what Congress would do on abortion following the midterms. “I’m not going to get into more questions. I shouldn’t even answer your question.”

The comments come just days after many Americans gave Democrats control of the U.S. Senate after Biden’s pledge to codify Roe v. Wade after the Supreme Court overturned it earlier this year, sending the issue back to the states.”

We’re only 22 days away from the most consequential moment in our history in my view, in recent history at least, an election where the choice and the stakes are crystal clear, especially when it comes to the right to choose,” Biden said in October.

“Right now, we’re short a handful of votes. If you care about the right to choose then you got to vote. That’s why these midterm elections are so critical to elect more Democratic senators in the United States Senate and more Democrats to keep control of the House of Representatives.”