Biden Policy Tying School Funding To LGBTQ Mandates Comes Under Scrutiny

Sep 9, 2022 | Political News

Several lawmakers are urging the U.S. Department of Education to rescind a proposed rule that would tie billions of dollars in federal education funding to an array of LGBTQ mandates.

A dozen Republican lawmakers signed a letter to the department, led by Rep. Bob Good, R-Va., and obtained by The Center Square, saying that many “colleges would be forced to choose between losing their federal funding and contradicting their beliefs by adopting policies and curricula that includes ideological teaching about sexual orientation and gender identity.”

These policies mean that schools nationwide must comply with a series of pro-transgender policies in areas such as sports, housing, locker rooms and bathrooms if they want to continue receiving federal funds. While the circumstances may vary, a school could endanger its federal funding by refusing to use a student’s preferred pronouns or to let a biological male who identifies as a girl use female bathrooms and locker rooms.

Colleges using sex to assign dorm rooms or schools that do not let biological males compete against female athletes would likely fall afoul of the new federal funding requirements.