Biden, Dems drop term ‘Bidenomics’ as Americans cite failing economy as top issue

Mar 28, 2024 | Political News

Joe Biden first embraced the term Bidenomics in June 2023, but now, as Americans cite the economy as a top priority along with immigration, the administration's use of the term has declined.

Axios asked the White House why the term had appeared to fall out of favor. Biden didn't say it during the State of the Union address, and in fact he hadn't used it since the end of January, until saying it during a speech in North Carolina on Tuesday. “Folks, you notice the leading economists aren’t making much fun of Bidenomics anymore.  They’re thinking maybe it works to build from the middle out and the bottom up,” he said.
Critics of the President had used the term Bidenomics to describe the inflation, high gas prices, and other economic concerns, but the Biden team decided to attempt to take it back, much like Obama's team had with Obamacare, Axios notes. But it didn't quite work out.

Axios notes that congressional Democrats have stopped using the word as well. “They used the word 483 times last July in tweets, Facebook posts, press releases and floor statements,” but have since declined sharply. Dems have told the White House that the term is falling flat with voters. 

Republicans, however, have picked up the slack and have used the word over 500 times in March alone.

Just recently, Biden has been slammed for the state of the economy, with critics using the very phrase he'd attempted to use in a positive way.

Senator Tim Scott said “Bidenomics is pushing the American Dream further and further out of reach.”

“No wonder Biden stopped using the term “Bidenomics.” He has completely destroyed the American dream for most of America. Bring back Trump!”

House Speaker Mike Johnson blasted Bidenomics as meaning “you pay more for goods and services.”

Biden first embraced the term in a June 2023 tweet, saying “Bidenomics is about growing the economy from the middle out and the bottom up, not from the top down. That's in clear contrast to the MAGA economic vision for America.” He was mercilessly mocked for this as Americans were struggling with food and housing costs.

The White House also embraced the term, with press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre praising the President for the economy and Bidenomics.