Biden Crime Spree

Apr 9, 2024 | Political News

Dear Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot,

When it comes to breaking the law, Joe Biden makes Al Capone look like Caspar Milquetoast.

Spurred on by his the ruthless lieutenants and lickspittles in his recklessly rogue regime, Toxic Joe – as former House Speaker Newt Gingrich makes clear in the chilling video below – “is violating the law every day.”

And if there is any hope of restraining Joe Biden and restoring the Rule of Law, it is going to be up to you, me, and other members of the Constitutional Rights PAC Nation to take the lead in reining him in!

I will lay out our Constitutional Rights PAC Call to Action in just a minute.

But, first, I urge you to watch the short (seven minute) Gingrich video below –

So that you will know the full scope – as well as the clear and present danger – of the blatant and brazen Biden crime spree!

Simply put:


American cannot survive Toxic Joe Biden’s deliberate, despicable, out-of-control, and increasingly blatant and brutal crime spree – 

Particularly if he jails Donald Trump (which I believe he and his thoroughly corrupt Department of INjustice fully intend to do)!

So here I what we as Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot Leaders need to do NOW – to freeze these miscreants in their sordid tracks: 


Call your Senate and House members NOW and demand that they stop Toxic Joe Biden from ignoring the Supreme Court and shredding the Rule of Law by unilaterally forgiving student loans. The Supreme Court has ruled it unconstitutional — and Biden needs to stop breaking the law NOW! 

Accept no excuses. Tolerate no liberal lies or double talk. Newt Gingrich is right: ”It is time to stand up to this tyrannical president who is violating the law every day.” 

And it is up to you and me as Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot Leaders to put a stop to it –


[The number for the Senate switch board is 202-224-3121. The number for the House switchboard is 202-225-3121.] 

I urge you to call your Senate and House members immediately. 

You are a Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot Leader – and when you speak, people listen.  

So, please don’t delay. 

The longer Toxic Joe Biden is allowed to blatantly break the law, the bolder he is going to become – 

And the greater the risk to our most basic constitutional rights – 

And to a free and fair election.

Please act NOW!