Biden can’t run on a broken economy

Mar 22, 2023 | True Patriot News Daily

President Joe Biden is slated to announce his reelection campaign on the heals of the biggest bank collapse since the 2008 economic crisis, and it's not looking good for the “Big Guy” at all. To fully understand how we got in this economic mess, we have to look at the beginning of Biden's presidency and examine exactly how his policies led us down this road to ruin. 

With the passage of his partisan spending packages, Biden forced the Federal Reserve to increase interest rates, print mountains of money, and poison the U.S. economy by sending billions of dollars in aide to Ukraine. With this in mind, is it any wonder why multiple global banking giants have crumbled in the past few weeks? 

We've seen Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Credit Suisse disolve over the past few weeks, and it's looking like the crisis may continue in the coming months. This is all happening while inflation remains incredibly high. Despite what the White House says about inflation being reduced, many Americans are still feeling the economic squeeze from Biden's liberal spending sprees. 

Speaking of, the president is prepared to go on another disastrous $6.9 trillion spending spree, paying for things like renewable energy and diversity, equity, and inclusion protocols that will continue to plague our country. We're also staring down the barrell of a debt ceiling deadline that could completely shut down the federal government. 

So ask yourself, with all of the damage that Biden has done to our economy, how are Democrats going to fire up their base to vote for Biden in 2024? Do they really think that America is going to elect a president who has already fumbled the Chinese spy balloon, destroyed the economy, and completely ignored the people of East Palestine, Ohio because they were Trump supporters? 

If you care about this country and the direction we're heading, I hope you support candidates that are antithetical to the Biden status quo. To read more about Biden's failed fiscal policies, please read this article from The Washington Examiner. An excerpt from the article has been copied below: 

President Joe Biden is attempting to prove his economic chops one week after the biggest bank collapse since 2008.

But with the public already skeptical of Democrats' management of the economy, Biden is poised to announce his likely reelection campaign on the back foot.

Biden “fueled” inflation through his partisan spending packages, which “forced” the Federal Reserve Bank to increase interest rates and “undermined” financial institutions, from Silicon Valley Bank to Signature Bank and now First Republic Bank, according to GOP strategists such as Republican National Committee spokesman Gates McGavick.

“Now Biden wants to make the same mistakes with his disastrous $6.9 trillion spending spree,” McGavick told the Washington Examiner of the president's 2024 fiscal budget. “Biden wants to make everything worse while Americans are living with the consequences of his failed economy.”