Biden Betrayal

May 13, 2024 | Political News

Dear Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot,

Toxic Joe Biden’s denial of critical arms to the State of Israel — as it continues to fight for its very survival — will go down in history as a betrayal of infamy.

No other president in US history –with the notable exception of Biden mentor Barack Obama – would even have considered such a dastardly and despicable deed.  

To put it all in perspective for you… 

In the two videos below, the inimitable Mark Levine and yours truly give our no-nonsense, hard-hitting analyses of Biden’s craven betrayal of our ally in its hour of greatest need.

I think you will be shocked.

Not only did Biden betray Israel by cutting off arms – 

At one and the same time, he covered for the Hamas terrorist leaders —   

And he armed two of Israel’s mortal enemies:

Qatar – which has long been harboring and funding Hamas terrorists, and  

Lebanon – the home of arch terrorist group Hezbollah.

In short, Toxic Joe Biden is a traitor to all that all that America believes in – and once stood for.

And he should be impeached! 

Here are the videos putting it all into perspective:

Toxic Joe Biden has just painted a giant mosaic of himself as a Quisling, Iscariot, and Benedict Arnold all rolled into one. 

And he has not put the lives of ten million Israeli Jews at mortal risk. 

I urge you today to pray for the peace – and victory – of Israel.