Biden admin expected to announce additional $400 MILLION in weapons for Ukraine: report

May 10, 2024 | Political News

The United States is expected to announce another $400 million in military aid for Ukraine on Friday, a source familiar with the matter told the Associated Press.

It would mark the third round of assistance provided to Ukraine by the Biden administration since the president signed a $95 billion foreign aid bill into law last month.

According to the AP, the latest installment will be provided via the presidential drawdown authority and is set to include High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, artillery, air defense, anti-tank munitions, armored vehicles, and other necessary military equipment.

Whether the package included another round of Army Tactical Missile System long-range ballistic missiles, ATACMS, was not revealed.

On Thursday, Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky warned that his nation was facing “a really difficult situation” on the eastern front, where soldiers are working to prevent Russian troops from advancing further into their territory.

“With an increase in the supply of weapons,” Zelensky said, per the Washington Post, “we will be able to stop them in the east. As of now, they seized the initiative there.”

Following the passing of the aforementioned $95 billion foreign aid bill, the Biden administration moved to send $1 billion via the drawdown authority, then approved $6 billion in long-term contracts with defense industry companies to provide weapons in the future.

Over two years into the war, support for the United States' funding of Ukraine has waned among certain groups both in public and in Congress. Despite pushback from many on the right, both the House and Senate were able to come to an agreement and pass the bipartisan foreign aid bill.