Biden admin allows immigrants to check THIRD GENDER option on naturalization forms

Apr 1, 2024 | Political News

President Joe Biden's US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) have revised their application for naturalization to have a “third gender” option designated by “X.” 

The application form for naturalization, Form N-400, has been updated by the USCIS to include a “third gender” option.  

In an announcement online, USCIS wrote it is “introducing a third gender option, ‘X,' defined as ‘Another Gender Identity'.” 

“Today we published a new edition of Form N-400, the first form to include the X gender option. This option will become available on additional forms as we revise them,” the agency added.  

Along with the announcement came a change in policy. A policy alert from the USCIS states that prior to the change there were “significant barriers” for those who did not identify as a man or a woman.  

“The lack of an additional gender option on USCIS forms and secure documents for use by benefit requestors who do not identify with either male or female option creates significant barriers for those requestors,” the policy alert memo stated. “Limiting benefit requestors to binary gender options also creates administrative challenges for USCIS, where benefit requestors submit birth certificates and other official government-issued documents with a gender other than ‘M’ or ‘F.’” 

When the USCIC made the announcement on April 1, some users jokingly asked if it was a “April Fool's” post. 

Prior to the Biden administration making the change on the application form, the Biden administration announced in 2021 that it would give more priority to transgender immigrants seeking to cross the US border.  

Kamala Harris also said around the same time that the “root cause” of immigrants fleeing Guatemala was because of LGBTQ violence.