Beth Van Duyne Speaks Truth To Power

Mar 7, 2024 | Political News

Dear Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot,

A sea change is taking place in America.

Tens of millions of Americans who heretofore quietly acquiesced to the Biden Regime’s fascist takeover of every aspect of our daily lives have finally had enough.

Led by stalwart members of the Constitutional Rights PAC Nation – including YOU – these bold, brave, patriotic of Americans are now standing up…

They are speaking out…

They are following your lead…

And they are fighting back!

Perhaps even more importantly…

Elected leaders are also finally following your lead and falling in line… 

Even members of Congress are at last knocking off the politically correct faux politeness and phony posturing – 

As once reluctant Republicans are boldly calling out our adversaries… 

And speaking truth to power –

In no uncertain terms! 

Want proof?

Well, here, for your viewing pleasure, is the MAGA/Constitutional Rights PAC Congresswoman Beth Van Duyne telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about the worst president in American history —

In the strongest terms possible.


Constitutional Rights PAC ACTION TO TAKE

Call the office of Congresswoman Van Duyne and give her your fullest and heartiest support. Tell her in no uncertain terms that you appreciate and applaud her standing tall and speaking out against Toxic Joe Biden’s border betrayal of America. You can reach Rep. Van Duyne in Washington at (202) 225-6605, or at her Dallas office at  (972) 966-5500. 

As a Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot Leader, you are having an important impact on taking the fight to the far left – and taking back our country. 

Thank you – and keep up the great work!