Banned Books Video Played In Class Suggests Parents Are Wrong For Wanting To Shield Kids From Sexually Explicit Content

Sep 20, 2022 | Political News

In what is described as “blatant disregard” for parents, a video played last week in a Wilson County classroom suggests that conservative parents are wrong for wanting to shield their children from the sexually explicit content found in books in their school libraries.

In the introduction of the video, Myles Bess – journalist and host of Above the Noise YouTube channel – says, “But a lot of books, especially those that feature LGBTQ youth or talk about the impact of racism, are getting banned. Parents and politicians argue it’s to protect their kids from content they think is too mature or even harmful. But what if you are LGBTQ or a person of color and these books reflect your lived experiences?”

Parents in Wilson County have said that they are not trying to “ban” books, but protect children from oversexualization.

Wilson County parents have submitted several books to the county’s review committee that contain overtly sexual or other mature themes. The same content would be rated R, PG-17 or NC-17+ if found in a movie.