Australia’s digital ID may launch in July, here’s what to expect

Feb 12, 2024 | Political News

Australia’s government has offered a tentative rollout date for its nationwide digital ID, setting it on July 1st, 2024. The exact date, however, will depend on the timing of its legislation which is due to be adopted by the federal parliament.

First introduced to Parliament in November, Australia’s Digital ID Bill reached its closing date in late January after receiving submissions from business and financial groups as well as civil rights organizations. Currently, the government is in consultation with the states, ChannelNews Australia reports.

The Department of Finance told the media outlet that the new system will allow users to choose their preferred digital ID provider for accessing government and private services. Private organizations can apply to be accredited as digital ID services from the Trusted Digital Identity Framework” (TDIF), the federal government’s accreditation framework. Among companies that have already received accreditation are Australia PostMasterCard and OCR Labs (IDVerse) while banks and other institutions have expressed interest.