Attorneys General from 16 States Issue Legal Challenge Against Maine’s Totalitarian Bill that Protects Transgender Surgeries for Children

Mar 12, 2024 | Political News

16 attorneys general led by Tennessee’s AG Jonathan Skrmetti have penned a stern letter aimed at Maine’s Democratic leadership, denouncing a progressive bill that they say could ignite a nationwide “culture war.”

The bill in question, LD 227, seeks to enshrine the right to abortions, transgender surgeries, and hormonal treatments in Maine, drawing fierce criticism from these attorneys general, stating it infringes upon the Constitution.

The attorneys general, all Republicans, sent their letter to Maine Governor Janet Mills, Attorney General Aaron Frey, and the state legislature’s leadership on Monday.

They argue that the bill is an unprecedented and “novel effort at state-sanctioned culture war litigation tourism,” which could have serious constitutional implications.