Attempts to blame Maui fires on climate change challenged by downed power lines, possible neglect

Aug 17, 2023 | Political News

Evidence has surfaced indicating the Maui wildfires that have tragically claimed at least 106 lives, may have been—at least partly—caused by downed powerlines mixed with a lack of preventative measures.

Since the fires erupted last week, many media outlets, politicians, and activists alike have reactively blamed climate change or global warming as the culprit. That instinct has run so deeply that a book was just published making that connection. Environmentalists recently created a social media mob that objected to an ABC News headline reading “Why climate change can't be blamed for the Maui wildfires”  pressuring the network into altering its headline to “Why climate change can't be blamed entirely for the Maui wildfires.” 

“The media, climate activists and academia were poised to blame this wildfires on ‘climate change' before it even happened,” Climate Depot’s Marc Morano told Just the News, citing the book as an example. Climate Depot is a project of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), a non-profit group that says it “Advocates the use of safe, affordable technologies and the pursuit of economic policies that reduce pollution and waste, and maximize the use of resources.”