As East Palestine Train Derailment Continues, Even China is Mocking President Biden and the American System

Feb 24, 2023 | Political News

The China-based state-run propaganda outlet Global Times released an Op-Ed on Tuesday obtusely blaming the East Palestine, Ohio train derailment, chemical leak and subsequent fire, and even a nearby factory explosion on the federalist system of the U.S. rather than the federal government. The outlet cited the two disasters as evidence of America's “crumbling infrastructure,” and “declining governance capabilities.”

The Times levied the blame for both incidents on both current and previous presidential administrations for continually demanding taxpayer money for infrastructure and never actually fixing it while simultaneously characterizing the root of the problem as a flaw of American federalism and capitalism.

The article even goes so far as to throw some of the blame toward, “constant attacks toward the Biden administration from GOP radical members, Trump, and his supporters,” suggesting that conservatives are responsible for the political divide in the U.S.

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences researcher Lu Xiang told the Global Times,

“As a matter of fact, what Biden has done turned out to be exactly the same as his recent predecessors. Their concern for internal affairs is so slight that you can even ignore it. During the election campaign, the emphasis on domestic matters and infrastructure was just a gimmick to gain votes.”

Where the Times errs, and it does in several places, is that neither the system of federalism devised by the founding fathers nor the capitalism of Adam Smith's invisible hand are at fault regarding the infrastructural problems America has been experiencing. And China's single-party authoritarian dictatorship is in no position to pontificate on the virtues of any political system.

For over twenty years conservatives have been lamenting the demise of federalism and making only incremental progress at keeping it on political life support, let alone restoring it. It was a long-protracted losing battle until 2016 when, under President Trump, we finally started battling back.

Meanwhile, under the administrations of Presidents Barack Obama and now Joe Biden the economy of the U.S. became less credibly capitalist by the day through the combination of fiat currency manipulated at will by the Federal Reserve and out-of-control deficit spending from successive Democrat and even Republican-controlled Congresses making the ‘full faith and credit' of the United States became a tenuous thing at best. And China is capitalizing on that.


But during the Trump Presidency, we began to right the ship, only to have the gains we made reduced to ash by the Biden-Harris administration. All that remains is for us to once again gain control of the government in strong enough terms to take aggressive restorative action and then keep it long enough to see it through.

We can strongly rebuke the Global Times and the Chinese Communist Party that calls the shots for them, that: No, we do not see a deficiency in the federalist representative constitutional republic our founders designed nor capitalism. What we're suffering from is their absence, and the failure of the pseudo-socialist globalist woke identitarian homunculus that usurped control of the body politic and continues to animate the corpse.

A recent characterization of Joe Biden as “weekend at Bernie's” by comic Kat Williams was startlingly accurate not just for the front-man, but for the whole regime. This isn't an American government, it's just a zombie that vaguely looks like one.

There's nothing wrong with the American system our founders devised, the problem is we aren't currently living under it.

But Beijing is satisfied to distract from its myriad problems in any way it can. After all, with ‘Zero-COVID,' a looming demographic crisis, civil unrest brewing, a ‘rebel province' just next door that they can't quite quash, and an entire genocide to conduct, they're awfully busy over there.

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