Are The Swiss Still Neutral?

May 24, 2022 | True Patriot News Daily

Jack Posobiec was detained yesterday by the “World Economic Forum” Police force in Davos.

Reporter Savanah Hernandez was present at the time and asked officers, “Can I ask you why you’re detaining this journalist?” The WEF officer told her to put the phone away and retorted, “I don’t answer your questions.”

If Posobiec’s detainment tells you anything, it’s that personal rights and freedom don’t matter much to the forum. 

To be honest, I never knew that the WEF had its own police. But I should have assumed it because the powerful body is working hard to reshape global governance.

What will this mean for U.S. sovereignty, free speech, and our other cherished rights? Hopefully the treatment of Posobiec was a fluke, but I doubt it. 

Swiss neutrality? Think again. Stay tuned to the latest updates.

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