AOC mocks Christian Super Bowl Ad

Feb 13, 2023 | True Patriot News Daily

If you watched the Super Bowl last night, there's a chance that you saw an ad for the “He Gets Us” campaign, in which the teachings of the Bible about loving your neighbors and turning the other cheak were on full display. The ad, which showed Americans yelling and fighting each other, was meant to remind us that we're all God's children, and that we should give each other grace and treat one another with kindness. 

Sounds like a perfectly innocent ad, right? Not if you're talking to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who likened the commercial to fascism in an attempt to mock the ad on Twitter. AOC went on to criticize the commercial for spending millions of dollars to run during a break in the action of the Super Bowl. 

Does anyone want to tell AOC that every commercial during the Super Bowl costs millions of dollars? If the goal was to spread the word of the Lord, then wouldn't it make sense to get a message out to the most amount of people possible? It seems that only a curmudgeon like AOC would take issue with an overwhelmingly positive message being broadcasted to millions of American's homes to have a good impact on the country. 

But AOC's Twitter temper tantrum is indicative of a Democratic party that is constantly on the look-out for their next reason to be outraged. The bottom line is that it doesn't matter what religion you follow, the Democratic party is eventually going to come for everyone to be cancelled. 

If you would like to read more details about AOC's Twitter meltdown (over a positive Christian message of all things), please click here to find the full article from the Daily Wire. An excerpt of the article can be found below: 

“Something tells me Jesus would *not* spend millions of dollars on Super Bowl ads to make fascism look benign,” the New York lawmaker tweeted.

Hobby Lobby founder David Green, a devout Christian and one of the major funders of the He Gets Us campaign, said the group sought to reach the biggest audience of the year with its call for kindness and compassion.

“You’re going to see it at the Super Bowl—‘He Gets Us.’ We are wanting to say—we being a lot of people—that He gets us,” Green said. “He understands us. He loves who we hate. I think we have to let the public know and create a movement.”

With all of the blasphemy going on in Hollywood and pop culture, it was refreshing to see a positive message extoll the virtues of a spiritual people who can love one another. According to Democrats like AOC, that message is the definition of “Fascism”.