Antifa site banned from Instagram for violating guidelines on ‘dangerous individuals and organizations’

Sep 22, 2022 | Political News

The Instagram account associated with an Antifa website that advertises violent direct action events has been banned from the platform, after the group’s content violated “community guidelines.”

It’s Going Down, an Antifa-affiliated website that advertises itself as “A media platform for reports, podcasts, columns, and analysis of revolt and social struggles from an anarchist perspective,” on Twitter, confirmed the banning on Thursday.

“Your account, or activity on it, doesn't follow our Community Guidelines on dangerous individuals and organizations,” Instagram parent company Meta wrote as the reason behind the banning.

The group noted that their last post on the account was one proving an mutual aid fair called “Anarchist Equinox.”

It’s Going Down was also banned from Facebook in 2020, citing their Dangerous Individuals and Organizations policy as the reason behind the banning, according to The Intercept. The group was tagged by the platform as an “armed militia.”

On their website, the group describes themselves as “a digital community center for anarchist, anti-fascist, autonomous anti-capitalist and anti-colonial movements across so-called North America. Our mission is to provide a resilient platform to publicize and promote revolutionary theory and action.”

They state that they are “anarchist” and “non-sectarian,” writing that while they do not organize events themselves, “we do signal boost what people are already organizing in their locality.”

“The political State exists to uphold a class divided and settler-colonial society. We believe that a better world can be created in its place, organized from the ground up, where power is spread out horizontally, with human labor going towards human needs, not profit. We act in the spirit of autonomy, mutual-aid, and direct action. We have no allegiance to representational, Statist politics,” the website states.

The website also states that they do not “advocate or promote violence or non-violence.”

“Movements for liberation decide for themselves on what the best strategy is to get and stay free. We respect local organizers efforts and their understanding of the situations they are faced with,” they add.

On Twitter, the group has posted in support of the Defend the Atlanta Forest movement, a group that had attacked police officers that were responding to the area to clear them out, resulting in the arrests of at least 7 people.

The group also posted numerous tweets in support of the George Floyd riots of 2020, which saw millions of dollars worth of damage done to buildings, countless injuries, and dozens of deaths across the nation, Amy times referring to it as the “George Floyd rebellion.”

The group posts local Antifa-affiliated events, like May Day, which occurred worldwide on May 1 and saw protests and riots across the globe.

The group has urged its Instagram followers to follow them on Mastodon, an alternative social media platform similar to Twitter.

In one of their recent “boosts,” similar to retweets, they call into question the inclusion of surveillance cameras on New York City subway cars. The city’s subway cars and platforms have seen a rise in violence in the recent year, with many being attacked, robbed, or pushed off of subway platforms in front of moving trains.