Another useless gun control push by Democrats

Jan 26, 2023 | True Patriot News Daily

Gun-hating politicians have always been quick to exploit tragedies if it means they can support their anti-gun agenda. The recent shooting in California is no exception, with Governor Gavin Newsom calling on Democrats in power to do more to restrict our right to self-preservation. 

This is despite the fact that the anti-gun group, Giffords, has already given California an “A” rating, meaning they already have a slew of gun control measures in place. Proponents of gun control even went as far as saying that California has, “the strongest gun safety laws in the nation and has been a trailblazer for gun safety reform.” 

With all of this in mind, does it really make sense to pass more gun control measures that will only hurt law-abiding citizens? California is a litmus test for whether or not extreme gun control laws work, and the evidence is clear: mass shootings still occur in California, which shows how gun control is not the fix for gun violence that Dems think it is. 

David Harsanyi went into more detail on California's failed gun control policies in this piece for The Federalist: 

California already has “universal” background checks. California has a 10-day waiting period limit for handgun purchases, a microstamping system, a personal safety test, the ability to sue gun manufacturers even if they haven’t broken any law, an age hike on the purchase of certain firearms including rifles from 18 to 21, “red flag” laws that allow police to confiscate guns without genuine due process, a ban on magazines that hold more than 10 rounds (and legislation held up in courts to confiscate those magazines), among many other restrictions.

Short of letting cops smash down the doors of gun owners and take their weapons, California has a law for it. And all it’s done is leave people attending dance halls defenseless.

It's time that we admit strict gun control measures would have an insignificant effect on the number of mass shootings in America. Instead we should ensure that the average American has the ability to defend themselves – both against a tyrannical government and against those who would wish them harm. 

We need to stand together if we want to prevent the erosion of our right to self-preservation, so please support candidates who understand and appreciate the importance of the Second Amendment.