ANDY NGO REPORTS: Portland trans activist allegedly destroyed and defecated inside teen girl’s car over ‘transphobia’ claim

Aug 31, 2023 | Featured, Political News

A Portland transgender social media activist with a violent criminal history has been charged for allegedly smashing up a teen girl's car and defecating inside. The suspect allegedly told police the teen was “transphobic.” 

On Aug. 27, a 17-year-old girl was confronted by a stranger after parking in the Hollywood neighborhood for a shopping trip. She walked away and upon returning to her vehicle later, found every window and light was smashed out, the interior smeared all over with feces and urine. 

“She was in tears,” Lisa Thomasson, the girl's mother, told The Post Millennial. The 2005 Ford Escape was totaled, deemed a “biohazard” and hauled off to a tow yard. “I just thought what could have happened to my child if that person took the frustration out on her,” Thomasson said, fighting back tears. The 45-year-old school staffer grew up in northeast Portland and is shocked at the deterioration in the city's public safety. 

A video of the extensive vandalism was first posted on social media by Portland activist account, “PDX Real.”


Vivian Ginger-Rain Shemansky, 44, was located by the Portland Police nearby and was arrested. The teen identified Shemansky as the stranger who confronted her earlier. The victim's mother tells TPM that the suspect told responding police her daughter was “transphobic,” though police say this wasn't documented in the police report.

Shemansky, previously known as Eric Neil Bowen, was charged with felony first-degree criminal mischief, felony unauthorized use of a vehicle, second-degree criminal mischief and second-degree disorderly conduct. Shemansky was booked into the central police precinct before being released on the same day on a “monitored pretrial release.” A spokesperson from the Portland Police told TPM Shemansky had two arrest warrants for prior criminal incidents when she was apprehended.

On social media, Shemansky has long documented her gender transition with photos of her estrogen medication and posts about her gender affirming surgery. She also regularly denounced transphobia, fascism and racism. 

Vivian Ginger-Rain Shemansky, formerly Eric Neil Bowen, is legally a woman in Oregon

“If you think being a woman is all about haveing [sic] a vagina Then [sic] you don't know sh—t about being a woman!” Shemansky wrote in 2020. By filling out and submitting a state form in 2014, Shemansky was legally able to change both name and gender, Shemansky revealed.

“Hear [sic] in the state of Oregon Im[sic] not legally required to have a sex change for my transition to be compleated [sic]!”

In another post, Shemansky shared a photo of a guitar belonging to Shemansky which had the message “F— your fascist beauty standards” scrawled on it.

The Multnomah County Sheriff's Office tells TPM it did not immediately have the information about whether Shemansky was jailed with men or women at the time of booking.

A convicted felon, Shemansky has a long and violent criminal history. Shemansky appears to be a vagrant. Court documents show that Shemansky was ordered by judges to have mental health evaluations during prior criminal court proceedings. 

Vivian Ginger-Rain Shemansky has a long and violent criminal history in the Portland-area

In September 2015, Shemansky was convicted of felony assault on a public safety officer. Shemansky was sentenced to only probation, which was quickly violated. In March 2019, Shemansky was convicted of felony fourth-degree assault and was sentenced to a year in prison, though it's unclear if this incarceration was concluded with an early release.

In addition to Shemansky's convictions, Shemansky was often arrested and charged but the cases were not prosecuted. In June this year, Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt's office dropped second-degree criminal mischief and second-degree disorderly conduct charge against Shemansky on the same day Shemansky was arrested.

Vivian Ginger-Rain Shemansky posted her legal name and gender change form on her social media

As Eric Neil Bowen, Shemansky also has an extensive criminal record in Multnomah County. In October 2012, Shemansky was charged with felony rioting and other crimes but the case was dismissed by a judge. 

“There's no accountability for people that are breaking the law. It's putting our community and the home we grew up in in jeopardy,” Thomasson says. She says three days before the most recent attack on her daughter's car, the family had to replace a window on the same vehicle following a smash-and-grab theft. “We should be able to feel safe in the city we grew up in.”

Shemansky's grand jury indictment is scheduled for Sept. 19. The teen victim and her family intend to push forward with charges.