Americans overwhelmingly want Disney to bring back family-friendly content: Rasmussen poll

May 7, 2024 | Political News

Americans overwhelmingly want Disney to return to family-friendly content and stop pushing sexualized content, according to a new poll.

A new survey by Rasmussen Reports revealed that 71 percent of American adults say Disney should go back to creating “wholesome programming” and let parents decide if and when their “children are taught about sexuality.” 

Only 22 percent of those surveyed disagreed.

Of those polled, 54 percent believed that LGBTQIA characters in Disney stories were not “appropriate for children under 12.” 33 percent thought it was appropriate, with another 13 percent stating that they were “not sure.” 

The poll was conducted of 1,255 American adults between April 21-23 and has a margin of error of 3 percent.

The poll showed a 20 percent shift over the last two years in the feelings towards Disney’s programming to include LGBTQIA characters in kids’ programs.

Rasmussen Reports asked 1,000 American adults in 2022 if the “emphasis on ‘inclusion’ and ‘diversity’ by companies like Disney” was making children’s entertainment better or worse.

In the previous survey, 45 percent said “inclusion” was making kids’ entertainment worse, with only 28 percent believing it improved children’s entertainment. 

Disney’s recent films have flopped at the box office following its emphasis on LGBTQ inclusivity.

“Elemental,” which featured a “non-binary” character, had one of the worst openings in the studio’s history, earning a meager $29.6 million at the domestic box office, while “Strange World” which highlighted a same-sex teen romance was also a box office disaster.