American Public Overwhelmingly Favors Trump-Led GOP on Issues that Matter Most to Voters

Oct 9, 2022 | Political News

A new Monmouth Poll released this past week has found that the Democrats are in trouble as Republicans are favored overwhelmingly on the top issues that matter to Americans: the economy and crime.

The poll asked respondents what was the most important issue area for the federal government to tackle out of 12 given topics. 82 percent of respondents said that inflation was the biggest issue for voters, 72 percent said crime, 70 percent saw voting as most important, 68 percent said unemployment, and 67 percent found immigration as extremely important.

“The next tier of issue concerns includes transportation and energy infrastructure (57%), abortion (56%), racial inequality (53%), gun control (51%), and climate change (49%),” the poll found according to Monmouth. “The least important issues for federal government action right now are the Covid pandemic (32%) and student loan debt (31%).”

From these findings, it is clear that economic issues are far more important to Americans than social issues like abortion or gun control and with the Biden economy suffering, Republicans are in a strong position to take back Congress, according to Just The News.

“When asked which group of issues is more important in their support for Congress this year, concerns about the economy and cost of living (54%) outpace concerns about fundamental rights and democratic processes (38%) among all Americans,” the poll found. “Republicans prioritize the economy (71%), while Democrats prioritize rights (67%). Independents are more likely to give preference to economic issues (61%) than concerns about rights and democracy (29%).”

“Democrats are all over the place when it comes to their key issues. This makes it difficult for the party to create a cohesive messaging strategy to motivate its base,” explained Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute. “Republicans, on the other hand, just have to hammer away at rising prices and ‘the wolf is at the door’ to get their voters riled up.” 


“A major problem for Democrats is their base messaging doesn’t hold as much appeal for independents as the GOP issue agenda does,” he continued. “Even though truly persuadable independents are a rather small group these days, this small difference can have a major impact given the expectation that congressional control will hinge on a handful of very close contests.”

As Republican priorities continue to dominate the issues important to Americans, they have taken the lead in which party is preferred to retake Congress in November.

“Republicans have made slight gains in the public’s preference for party control of Congress since the summer,” the poll explained. “Currently, 36% of Americans say they want the GOP in charge, and another 11% have no initial preference but lean toward Republican control.”

“Obviously, the Republicans are hitting away at issues where Biden – and by extension, the Democratic Party – is weakest,” Murray explained. “But it’s also worth noting that Biden does not provide a rallying point for Democratic voters on some of the issues, such as abortion, that his party is leaning on to motivate its own base.”

As Republicans continue to hit President Biden on the issues that American care about, their chances at retaking the House are all but assured while the Senate has remained competitive. Republicans will hopefully stay on message and not be distracted by issues that don't matter to the everyday American as the last month of campaigning will likely determine the close races in Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.

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