America First Strategist Won’t Back Down After Leftists Try to Smear Him with Specious Claims

Oct 3, 2022 | Political News

America First political strategist and CEO of X Strategies, Alex Bruesewitz is no stranger to mainstream media slander. Leftists and RINOs routinely lie about his honesty and integrity in an attempt to intimidate and silence him. Of course, this is because Bruesewitz is an effective leader in the America First movement. He doesn't back down to the Left, and they hate him for it.

But last week, Leftist attacks on Bruesewitz seemed to hit a new low when Mediaite speciously alleged Bruesewitz invoked a CNN reporter's deceased daughter to make a political point:

On cue, multiple Left-wing Twitter “personalities” piled into Bruesewitz. Hateful, washed-up political commentator Keith Olbermann epitomized the Left's respect for “civility” and “decency” when he wrote:

Meghan McCain – who seems to take more pride in bashing Republicans than in defending conservatism – agreed, calling Bruesewitz “scum of the earth, pathetic, insane”, and implying he's “psychotic and evil… trash”.


The kicker? Bruesewitz never mentioned Andrew Kaczynski's daughter.

The statement Leftists are referring to came from Bruesewitz's appearance on Steve Bannon's War Room on Friday. In it, the two discussed how the media – Kaczynski in particular – slanders Washington Congressional Candidate Joe Kent as a Nazi, a white nationalist and a conspiracy theorist. These allegations are lies, of course. But they are lies Kacynski routinely traffics in. The reality is that Kent is a war hero. He's a former Green Beret and Gold Star Husband who lost his wife in Syria to a suicide bomber while fighting ISIS. The Left's attacks against him are as relentless as they are nauseating. Leftists hate Kent because he is a strong believer in the America First agenda.

In response to Kaczynski's “reporting,” Bruesewitz said: “Yeah, it’s a guy named KFILE, he’s from CNN. He’s a total fake news hack. You know, he went through a rough patch, and I thought he would have changed hard and become a decent person after what he went through, but he’s still a lying piece of crap.”

That's the comment that lit off the firestorm.

Nowhere does Bruesewitz refer to Kaczynski's late daughter. He doesn't refer to sickness or cancer. He simply mentions that the man went through a “rough patch.” To say definitively that Bruesewitz was referring to Kaczynski's daughter is disgusting. Mediaite doesn't know what he was referring to. Notably, the article doesn't even mention that they asked Bruesewitz for clarification before publishing the hit piece. In other words, they viciously attacked Bruesewitz publicly without making even a minimal attempt at finding the truth. The lack of journalistic integrity here is astounding.

But that's because they don't care. They got their quote, interpreted it in the worst light possible, and ran with it. Once it was published, Leftist commentators and their RINO allies jumped on the story like Mafia soldiers executing the crime boss' orders. Nobody bothered to clarify what was said, because to them, it didn't matter.

This was nothing more than a blatantly partisan political attack meant to discredit and malign an effective leader in the America First movement with specious allegations. That's it.

Bruesewitz's response to the attacks illustrates precisely why the Left hates him: he won't be intimidated, and he doesn't back down. In response to a Tweet from one of Kaczynski's underlings, Bruesewitz wrote:

When Olbermann attacked him, Bruesewitz swung back:

He later Tweeted:

And finally, Bruesewitz even DONATED to Kaczynski's charity raising awareness about cancer:

Leftists hate America First leaders like Bruesewitz who don't cower in fear whenever the Left slanders them. That's why they attacked Bruesewitz.

America needs more bold, resilient conservative leaders like this.