Agitators camp outside of Blinken’s Virginia home, pour fake blood on driveway over Israel-Hamas war

Feb 8, 2024 | Political News

Anti-Israel agitaotrs were captured on video over the weekend screaming at Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s wife arriving at the Blinken’s North Virginia home. The activists have become a regular staple of the house. 

In a video to social media, an SUV can be seen pulling into the home's driveway as the activists poured fake blood on the driveway and chanted “shame” and other slogans. According to the activists, the SUV contained Blinken’s wife Evan Ryan.  

Police could also be seen protecting the property in the video. 

According to The New York Times, the activists have become a regular feature at Blinken’s home, carrying signs with slogans such as “Bloody Blinken lives here,” “Caution: War Criminal Inside,” and “Secretary of Genocide.” The protestors have been camping outside the home. 

The outlet reported that last month, as Blinken’s motorcade pulled out of his driveway, protesters threw fake blood on the armored black Suburban in which Blinken was riding. 

The activists have called their action “Occupy Blinken,” claiming that there are over 100 people in the encampment, though the outlet noted that last Thursday only about two-dozen people were seen.  

The outlet reported that neighbors are unhappy about the protestors and that a digital traffic sign placed by local police tells drivers “NO HORN BLOWING.”  

Activists have been targeting Blinken over Israel’s response to the Oct. 7 Hamas massacre. 

Activists have also disrupted speaking events for President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and have previously gathered outside the homes of the National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, and the Secretary of Defense, Lloyd J. Austin.  

On Wednesday, Blinken again supported Israel’s right to defend itself, saying that the US has “made clear that Israel is fully justified in confronting Hamas and other terrorist organizations.”  

He also urged “Israel to do more to help civilians, knowing full well that it faces an enemy that would never hold itself to those standards.” 

Blinken told reporters in Tel Aviv on Wednesday night, “An enemy that cynically embeds itself among men, women, and children and fires rockets from hospitals, schools, mosques [and] residential buildings.” 

“An enemy whose leaders surround themselves with hostages. An enemy that has declared publicly its goal to kill as many innocent civilians as it can simply because they are Jews. and to wipe Israel off the map.” 

He added, “The daily toll that [Israel’s] military operations continue to take on innocent civilians remains too high.” 

Michael Oren, former Israeli Ambassador to the US, slammed Blinken for accusing Israel “inaccurately, unfairly, and libelously—of dehumanizing Palestinians, he dehumanizes us and contributes to the delegitimization of Israel and the demonization of Jews worldwide.” 

“Thank you, Secretary Blinken, for resupplying us with ammunition and standing up for our right to self-defense, but without legitimacy, we will be hard-pressed to use that ammo or exercise that right. Dehumanizing us endangers our security and possibly our existence.”