African terror suspect arrested in Manhattan after being set free in the US by Border Patrol

Nov 3, 2023 | Political News

It has been revealed that a terror suspect from Senegal was roaming the streets of New York City for weeks after being waved through by Biden admin officials at the southern border.

The 29-year-old African man, whose identity has not been released to the public, was arrested in October in Manhattan after members of ICE's Enforcement and Removal Operations realized he was wanted in his home country for allegedly taking part in terrorist activities, acts that compromised public safety or “causing serious political troubles,” and directly provoking an armed crowd.

According to the Daily Mail, the man was apprehended “without incident” on October 17 outside the Jacob K. Javitts office building in Lower Manhattan, which is the site of the Federal Plaza immigration court.

Two weeks earlier, he had crossed into the United States via Mexico near Lukeville, Arizona. Instead of being interrogated by border patrol officers about his history in Senegal, he was waved through and allowed to enter the country so long as he promised to appear in court in New York City.

Seven days after making his way into the US, ICE's Homeland Security Investigation unit officers informed ERO agents in the Big Apple that the man was dangerous and on the streets.

As journalist Bill Melugin explained, terror suspects and those convicted of other crimes in their home countries sometimes slip through the cracks when being processed by border patrol agents. 

Sources he spoke with noted that if the initial checks come up negative, then the person is assumed to be “clear.” Any information “developed through another source like an attaché of biometrics info” gets “loaded into a shared database” and “shows up later.”

ERO New York City Field Office Director Kenneth Genalo said the man's arrest should be taken as a warning to those who “erroneously believe they can exploit our immigration laws.”

“Noncitizens who are engaged in or suspected of supporting terrorism are a direct threat to our country’s national security and will be expeditiously removed from the United States,” he said.

“ERO New York City will use every tool at our disposal to keep American citizens and residents safe from those who erroneously believe they can exploit our immigration laws to escape justice in other countries.”

Thanks to the Biden administration's open-door policies, a record number of suspects linked to terrorist activities have made their way into the United States in recent months.