The True Patriot Network (TPN) was founded in 2021 as a no judgment, free speech, uncensored social media company that replaces big tech and allows individuals from all sides to share their true passions, feelings, and lives.

Social Media Built for FREEDOM!

Free speech is being tampered with on popular social media channels, and there are few places that feel like an actual open place for faith-based or conservative entrepreneurs and families to share their opinions and ideas without being attacked.

In today’s political climate, true free speech has been commandeered by traditional social media channels. While online platforms like Facebook and Twitter are technically open and free to all, there has been an alarming level of censorship and control over what people have been allowed to post — and that shows no signs of changing.

We value faith, family, freedom of speech, and free enterprise and individuals space to express themselves and create meaningful conversations no matter their political party affiliation


Social Media is a platform to cater all opinions, where you can safely and therefore truthfuly connect your life within it to embrace your truth.


We provide an interactive social platform to let you freely express with your opinion for any information in the platform. We believe that truth roots from critical thinking, not from pressure..