A Shocking Report: Pope Francis’ Vatican Is The Weakest In 60 Years — ‘Never This Marginalized,’ ‘A situation Never Experienced by Vatican Diplomacy’

Mar 1, 2023 | Political News

A 76-year-old Italian journalist has issued a troubling verdict on the papacy of Pope Francis describing the head of the Catholic faith as “marginalized,” “isolated,” and “silenced.”

Marco Politi writing for Il Fatto Quotidiano wrote, “Never in the last sixty years has the Holy See — in the face of events of international importance — found itself so marginalized,” as translated by Breitbart.

Politi wrote in reference to the Vicar of Christ's recent overtures calling for a ceasefire in Ukraine, a proposal that no country in the European Union is willing to endorse.

Politi observed that the major powers of the world are dismissive of Pope Francis' proposals.

“Britain ignores him. US President Biden does not want interference. Putin does not consider the Vatican an effective means of conducting negotiations. Xi Jinping, for reasons of internal politics, does not intend to give excessive prominence to the position of the Holy See.”

Startlingly he pronounces that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky merely wishes to use a Papal visit as leverage to force Moscow's hand.

“Zelensky, who even in the aftermath of the Russian invasion had mooted the possibility of mediation by the Vatican, now wants only one thing: a trip by the pontiff to Kyiv to corner Putin even further,” Politi wrote.


He noted that a Ukrainian diplomat put the impact of such a visit in simple terms, it “would blow up the last bridge between the Russian terrorist state and the civilized world.”

“It is a situation never experienced by Vatican diplomacy.” 

In the halls of European power, the voice of Pope Francis echoes without impact. “Francis’ voice is respected but marginalized, silenced,” Politi added.

Where the Vatican under Popes John XXIII and John Paul II during the Cold War, and even the late Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, diplomatic intervention from a Pope was jealously sought and immensely effective. Under Francis the impact and prestige have eroded away to nearly nothing.

On February 24th, the 86-year-old, left-leaning pope, who has proven a divisive figure within the Catholic Church, tweeted, “One year ago the absurd war against Ukraine began. Let us remain close to the tormented Ukrainian people, who continue to suffer, and let us ask ourselves: has everything possible been done to stop the war? Peace built on rubble will never be a true victory.”

Just four days prior he tweeted about the virtues of “Social Justice,” saying, “#SocialJustice demands that we fight against the causes of poverty: inequality and the lack of labour, land, and lodging; against those who deny social and labour rights; and against the culture that leads to taking away the dignity of others.”

It is often said that the words of the quiet man, carefully selected and deliberately spoken can be the most powerful. When a quiet man speaks, people tend to listen.

Perhaps there is a lesson that Francis should learn there if it isn't too late. Since his investiture as head of the Holy Sea, Francis' regular edicts on Social Justice and the imposition of his personal politics on the nations of the world have been ever-present. Perhaps in this, he has squandered the once quiet and reverent power that came with the throne of St. Peter, when it was selectively used and offered with the greatest care.

Where his predecessor Benedict XVII arrested the attention of the world with a call for a return to faith and tradition in order to enrich the spiritualism of the Catholic spirit, it seems Francis' rush to embrace the political tenets of the left and the inherent secularism they bring has damaged the church far worse than was previously evident. It remains to be seen if the harm can be undone.

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