A Mother’s Day We’ll Remember

May 6, 2022 | True Patriot News Daily

Amidst all their confusion around gender, the left is certain of one thing: motherhood is not something to be celebrated.

Social media is swirling with invitations to join a national protest this Mother’s Day, wherein abortion fanatics will protest in churches across the country. Why? Because motherhood is not something the left values. They see the miracle of life as a blot on a woman’s potential rather than the fulfillment of a high calling.

Invitations to join the left’s decrepit attack remain untouched by social media’s Content Overlords. 

As we witnessed in the violent riots of 2020, and as we’re about to see once more, Big Tech has a clear agenda when it comes to violence: organized violence by the left will be protected, while simply stating facts and standing for Life by the right will be censored.   

This Mother’s Day, celebrate the mothers in your life, and stay safe.