‘A Drunken Sailor’: Republican Steve Scalise Blasts Democrats For Reckless Federal Spending Amid Debt Fight

Jan 23, 2023 | Political News

On Sunday, Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA), who serves as House Majority Leader, joined “Sunday Morning Futures” on Fox News to discuss the debt ceiling debate and the Biden economy.

Host Maria Bartiromo began the segment by playing a clip of Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) pledging to work on securing the southern border while he was in Davos for the World Economic Forum. In response to Manchin's remarks, Scalise said that the Senate will need to be engaged in order for House Republicans to be successful in solving the crisis at the southern border.

“You're going to see Republicans bring a bill through the House to actually secure America's border,” the majority leader said. “I hope we get Senator Manchin and other Democrat senators who have blocked any attempt to secure the border because we are going to be sending a package of bills to secure the border and get control of this problem. You talked about the people on the terrorist watchlist, those are just the ones that we have caught.”

“How many have come across that we don't even know about? And we are seeing not just countries from the southern border,” Scalise continued, per Fox News. “We are seeing countries from all around the world over 150 countries coming across our southern border because Joe Biden opened it up. He can close it on his own. He won't. We are going to bring legislation to show the country how to fix the problem and let's get the Senate engaged so they can pass that bill to the president.”

Bartiromo then asked about the current debt ceiling negotiations and mentioned that Senator Manchin is scheduled to have a meeting with Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to negotiate the issue. In his response, Scalise emphasized President Biden's role in the out of control spending.


“Joe Biden is the one who needs to take ownership and responsibility for this. And he's refusing to meet with Kevin McCarthy up to this point,” the Louisiana congressman stated. “I don't think that's sustainable, Maria, because if you look for the last two years, Joe Biden has gone on a spending spree the likes our country has never seen before. A drunken sailor would not be associated with the level of spending you've seen out of Washington.”

“And so what happened is the credit cards are maxed out. That's basically how you hit the debt ceiling,” Scalise explained. “It's the ability to print more money, and that expires when you hit the debt ceiling. And so the only way to address it is to control spending or to increase the debt ceiling or a combination of the two.”

“But you can't just keep increasing the debt limit and let President Biden keep spending like he's done,” he emphasized, adding, “That's just not it's not attainable for the future generations. Our country can't handle that. So we've got to get control of our spending as we're having this conversation. And Joe Biden has got to recognize this right now. He's living in denial. He's used to Speaker Pelosi just giving him another trillion dollars every week. That's not going to work. We aren't going to do that. So you've got to get control over spending. And by the way that's the lead driver of inflation that is crushing hard-working families so we've got to stand up to those families that are struggling across America because of the mountains of debt spending that Joe Biden has exercised these past two years.”

As the Democrats' reckless spending over the past two years has shown, fiscal responsibility is important in keeping inflation down and sustaining the economic well-being of future generations. With the national debt at over $31 trillion, the United States is reaching a point of no return where future generations will be unable to burden even the interest payments on the national debt. If Congress doesn't control its spending now, even more, drastic measures will have to be taken in the future to get it under control.

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