A Can of Worms

Mar 5, 2024 | Political News

Dear Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot,

Okay, first the good news:

The US Supreme Court has ruled that individual states cannot unilaterally remove Donald Trump from the ballot. 

In short, they cannot single-handedly destroy the democratic process by the means of  “Ballot Cleansing.” 

That’s the good news – and the Constitutional Rights PAC Nation cheers it on!


Now, let’s look at the rest of the story – 

Which opens up a can of worms – the hard left has already begun to exploit. 

The truth is, while the three radicals on the High Court may have given the appearance of coming down on the side of the Constitution (for a change), what they actually did was throw open the door to an end run around justice.

Aa Vivek Ramaswamy astutely explains in the video embedded above.

I wish I could say that this is all a tempest in a teapot, and Constitutional Rights PAC Patriots have nothing to worry about. 

But, the truth is, the bill Raskin and his radical cohorts are patching together would aloud Toxic Joe Biden, Merrick Garland, or even a corrupt Special Counsel to declare Donald Trump – and scores of conservative members of Congress – J6 “insurrectionists” –

And have them summarily removed from the ballot en masse. 

It’s a Ballot Cleansing nightmare.

It’s the end of democracy as we know it. 

And it’s a battle only Constitutional Rights PAC Patriots like you can take the lead in fighting. 

Thank you for your continued financial support as once more we go to war with the radical left.

In this critical battle, no gift can be too small, and no gift can be too large – 

But, some gifts can be too late. 

So, please give as generously as you can now.