90% of illegal immigrants entering US in Biden’s program allowing scheduled surrender arrive in Texas and Florida

Apr 2, 2024 | Political News

The immigration program that has allowed entry for illegal immigrants from specific countries under the Biden administration have primarily been allowing entry by those illegal immigrants to airports in the Republican-led states of Texas and Florida.  

According to data from the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), the large majority of at least 386,000 illegal immigrants that have been part of a program to allow would-be illegal immigrants to schedule appointments to surrender themselves for arrest, apply for asylum, and gain admittance to the United States at specific ports of entry have been using ports of entry Florida and Texas. These are both states run by governors that oppose Biden's open border policies. 

This is part of a Biden admin program that allows the continued acceptace “up to 30,000 individuals per month from Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, and Haiti as part of the expanded parole processes announced earlier this year. Encounters at the border for these nationalities plummeted when DHS expanded the parole programs. The United States will also continue to utilize available authorities to continue to strengthen and expand additional lawful pathways.”

It is not clear how many of the illegal immigrants are flying to other destinations out of the more than 40 other options available, but about 326,000 have arrived in Miami, Florida and about 22,000 have landed in Houston, Texas.  

CIS reported, “Florida turns out to be the top landing and U.S. customs processing zone for this direct-flights parole-and-release program, tallying at nearly 326,000 of the initial arrivals from inception through February.” 

“Prior to program implementation in 2023, the [Miami] field office logged 4,607 customs officer encounters of the nine nationalities in FY 2021 and 3,508 in FY 2022,” CIS reported. “But from that 3,508 in fiscal 2022, the office logged a hair-raising spike to 186,722 in FY 2023 for the nine nationalities, most of them Cubans, Haitians, Venezuelans, and Nicaraguans,” the report added.  

With respect to Texas, the Houston Field Office has had the second highest number of illegal immigrants coming in through the program.  

“Of those nearly 22,000 who flew into the OFO’s Houston Field Office, about 6,600 were Venezuelans, 6,300 were Nicaraguans, 5,400 were Cubans, and 500 were Haitians. About 3,100 were Colombians, Ecuadorians, Salvadorans, Guatemalans, or Hondurans.” 

DeSantis and Abbott alike have been dealing with the situation by sending illegal immigrants to other locations that are “sanctuary cities” to deal with the influx.