15 Portland police vehicles torched in suspected arson attack

May 3, 2024 | Political News

Early Thursday morning, 15 police cars were set on fire in a suspected arson attack in Portland, coming after Antifa destroyed businesses downtown for May Day.   

The Portland Police Department stated in a press release that units were dispatched to “assist Portland Fire & Rescue at the Portland Police Training Division, located in the 14900 block of Northeast Airport Way” at around 2 am on May 2. When they arrived, they found at least 15 vehicles in a fenced training area burning up. There were no injuries or damage to the building reported.

An investigation is underway to find the culprit.

The arson attack occurred after chaos and violence in downtown Portland perpetrated by the extremist left-wing group Antifa which has a history of arson attacks in Portland.   

Some of the violence in Portland had been announced by far-left groups prior to the incidents of violence in Portland, TPM's Andy Ngo reported.  

Antifa extremists threw mortars and destroyed businesses in the area on May Day, including a Starbucks and a Gucci store.  

At the same time, Antifa members took advantage of the Gaza Camp protest happening at Portland State which took over the library on campus. The Portland State University's campus public safety office was smashed. A hit list of targets was also issued.

At Portland State, as well as at other universities around the country, Gaza Camp protests have broken out with many reports of antisemitism happening on these campuses.  

Some reports also indicate that not all of those getting arrested at the Gaza Camp protests are students, raising questions about how many of the protests are inspired by others outside the colleges.