15 illegal immigrants arrested for ‘criminal trespass’ in Eagle Pass by Texas troopers

Feb 11, 2024 | Political News

Texas State Troopers arrested 15 illegal immigrants on Saturday for criminal trespass in Eagle Pass.

The apprehensions occurred right outside of Shelby Park, the site where Gov. Greg Abbott kicked out Biden's border agents and replaced them with state authorities to ensure border security amid the historic illegal immigration crisis.

The individuals arrested were from El Salvador and Nicaragua. They have all been transported to jail and will remain behind bars until court proceedings. Each of them faces up to one year in jail if convicted on charges, according to Lt. Chris Olivarez, a spokesperson with the Texas Department of Public Safety.

This comes amid a brewing battle between the state of Texas and the Biden administration over Texas's efforts to secure the US-Southern border from illegal invaders.

Over the past few years, Gov. Abbott (R) has developed plans to take action in securing the border by circumventing the Biden administration whose open border policies created the crisis.

Among the plans include the recently signed legislation that allows all law enforcement personnel in the state of Texas to arrest immigrants who illegally entered the United States. Because of this new policy, Texas State Troopers were allowed to apprehend these illegal immigrants and take them into custody for the crime of being in Texas illegally.

In January, the Texas National Guard deployed armed soldiers and took control of Shelby Park, which is a main area in Eagle Pass where illegal aliens invade the United States via the Rio Grande River. The Biden administration took Texas to the US Supreme Court over the state's attempt to secure the president's open border and won. However, Gov. Abbott said that he would not surrender his state to the federal government and invoked the invasion clause in the US Constitution.

Since Abbott deployed Texas guardsmen and kicked out Biden's feds, the daily average of illegal crossings in the area has dropped from thousands per day to three or four.